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Pre-order with at least 3 working days lead time. If you'd like to order for same day or next day pick-up/delivery, please send us a message via FB/IG @BertiesMine. We're open Wed & Thurs, 9AM-7PM, Fri to Sun 9AM-8PM (This menu is on soft-launch. Please bear with us as we continue to fine-tune the system. Thank you for understanding!) *Prices subject to change without prior notice


Fruitcake Big

PHP 660.00

Fruitcake Small

Out Of Stock

PHP 350.00

Aged Light Fruitcake

A cousin of our Aged Dark Fruitcake, blonde but with the same nostalgic flavor

Out Of Stock

PHP 395.00


Add on toppers or birthday candles! *We no longer write on our cakes but we recommend adding a topper from the options for your special occasion.

Sultan Kudarat Premium Chocolate Batirol Cheesecake 9"

PHP 2,750.00

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese buttercream 8"

PHP 1,200.00

Seasonal! Pumpkin Spice Walnut Cake 8"

Pumpkin spice walnut cake with salted caramel, frosted with seda cream cheese buttercream

Out Of Stock

PHP 1,270.00

Carrot Walnut Cake 8"

PHP 1,580.00

Old-Fashioned Moist Chocolate Cake 7"

PHP 885.00

Pandan Cake 8"

PHP 860.00

Kalemonsi Cake 8"

PHP 985.00

Chocoholic's Carrot Cake 7"

PHP 1,100.00

NY Style Cheesecake 9"

PHP 2,090.00

NY Style Blueberry Cheesecake 9"

PHP 2,250.00

Truffle Brownie 6"

Out Of Stock

PHP 795.00


NY Style Chocolate Chip Cookie with Malagos Chocolate & Walnuts

This big cookie is at least 4.5 inches wide.

PHP 175.00

3-Citrus Breakfast Cookie

3 kinds of citrus zests, nuts, Malagos cacao nibs, rolled oats & raisins

PHP 75.00

Compost Cookie

PHP 99.00

Buttery Rosemary Lemon Shortbread

pack of 5 or pack of 10

PHP 84.00

Pink Butter Cookies

pack of 5 or pack of 10

PHP 96.00

Butternut Chocolate Marble Cookies

PHP 96.00

Triple Chocolate Cookies

pack of 5

Out Of Stock

PHP 85.00

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

pack of 5

Out Of Stock

PHP 80.00

Butter Cookies

pack of 6

Out Of Stock

PHP 80.00


pack of 6

Out Of Stock

PHP 80.00

Mango Pixies

pack of 6

Out Of Stock

PHP 80.00

Red Velvet Pixies

pack of 6

Out Of Stock

PHP 80.00


Chocolate-Nut Biscotti


PHP 275.00

Malunggay Biscotti


PHP 230.00

Kiwi & Cacao Nibs Biscotti


PHP 195.00


5X Chocolate Brownie

PHP 125.00

Hazelnut Praline Cafe Latte Brownie

PHP 57.00

Revel Bar with Walnuts

PHP 57.00

Strawberry Walnut Brownie

PHP 57.00

Assorted Brownies

PHP 340.00

Coconut Macaroons

Assorted Coconut Macaroons 36s

36 pieces per pack of assorted flavors

PHP 250.00

Chocolate Chip Coconut Macaroons 12s

PHP 105.00

Malunggay Coconut Macaroons 12s

PHP 105.00

Savory Goods

Singapore-Style Salted Egg Potato Chips 100g

Out Of Stock

PHP 270.00

Chicken Mozzarella Calzone

PHP 185.00

Grilled 4-Cheese Sandwich

PHP 160.00

Partner products

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

PHP 155.00

Malagos 100% Unsweetened Chocolate Buttons 153g

Out Of Stock

PHP 255.00

Malagos 65% Chocolate Bar 85g

PHP 255.00

Malagos 72% Chocolate Bar 85g

PHP 270.00

Malagos 85% Chocolate Bar 85g

PHP 320.00

Cacao Nibs 250g

PHP 315.00

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